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Moving into the future, working closely with partners and allies, we’ll ceaselessly pursue our four-part mission |

  • Greatly expand number of individuals with access to Gordon-Protocol personalized TBI treatment;

  • Continually reach out, expanding awareness of TBI, its causes, signs, costs and treatment options;

  • Provide doctors, medical professionals and others with most up-to-date education on the Gordon-Protocol, testing and treatment; and

  • Support on-going research to ensure remaining at cutting edge of TBI treatment options.

We can’t do this without generous help from individuals like you and organizations like yours.




For U.S. Military Service Members and Veterans, working in close partnership with our growing network of community specific non-profit partners, we currently subsidize personalized and individualized Traumatic Brain Injury treatment provided through Millennium Health Centers.  More information →



Drawing upon personal experience of our Co-Founder, Andrew Marr, in direct support of expanding network of community specific non-profit partners and their efforts to identify and serve their members with TBI, we raise awareness, demystify TBI, treatment and de-stigmatize seeking help. More information →




In partnership with Millennium Health Centers and Dr. Mark Gordon, we provide medical doctors with formal, rigorous training regime on the Gordon-Protocol and related TBI medical practice, unique neuroinflammation biomarkers recognition and tailored, individualized care. More information →



In addition to furthering research in to the fundamentals of the Gordon Neuro-Regenerative Protocol, we also support research into related fields, such as personalized nutrition, bio-hacking, aging, wellness and any many other whole-of-person approaches to healing and recovery. More information →