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Whether living with TBI, as individual or support, or a doctor interested in becoming part of the TBI Physicians Network. We’re here to help.


You’re not alone! More than 2.8 million ER visits a year in the US are for TBI related injuries. Military, first responders, athletes and laborers are most common. However, TBI can and does happen to everyone, from every walk of life, at every stage of life. Reach out, get help.


Living or caring for someone with TBI can often be as exhausting and challenging as living with TBI itself. Understanding the physiological and psychological effects, understanding the signs and signals of TBI can make a great difference. You are also not alone! Reach out. Get answers.


If you’re a doctor looking for alternatives to traditional, medication-centric, treatment options. Clinical application of the Gordon-Protocol has proven symptom reversal in over 2,300 documented head injury cases. Learn to accurately diagnose and treat underlying condition of nuerotrauma.