You are not in this alone

You are not in this alone!

One of the hardest parts about suffering from the affects of TBI can be the feelings of frustration and confusion that come from not knowing where to turn for answers and healing, you might even be asking yourself if healing is even an option at all. Will I ever be myself again?

You might have already sought conventional medical help because your quality of life has started to become unbearable due to the mounting issues that have begun to surface one on top of the other. Issues such as:

  • Memory loss

  • Balance issues

  • Blurry and double vision

  • Migraine headaches

  • Depression

  • Panic attacks

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Inability to focus

  • Extreme agitation

  • Not knowing why this is happening to you

  • Not being able to do anything about it

  • Feeling like the structure of reality is fracturing around you

The worst part for most of us is the effect our injury is having on our families, our relationships, our friendships, our work and career. This is when we are most vulnerable to becoming a statistic. We let the overwhelming fear and frustration of our circumstances start to define us. But there is hope and healing within reach, through personalized treatment protocols we are seeing significant improvements to an individuals quality of life with some returning to what they call “pre-injury” status levels of improvement.

What are personalized treatment protocols?

It is our belief that - in a TBI precipitated condition - the initial symptoms are due to the physical damage to the brain itself (PHASE 1). It is during this initial phase that an array of inflammatory chemicals are produced that lead to secondary insults (PHASE 2) to the brain's functioning. Part of the dysfunction that occurs is in the ability to regulate hormones produced by the Pituitary Gland. Comprehensive laboratory testing can detect alterations in the production of important hormones. Therefore, our program seeks to accomplish the following:

Objective 1

Identify inflammation and detect if your hormones are affected

Objective 2

Reduce inflammation while replenishing affected hormones to physiologic levels

Objective 3

Return Quality of Life back to our program participants.

What results have you achieved?

Within 3-6 months

There is noted a significant improvement in: depression, anger, anxiety, mood swings, confidence, memory, affect, and libido. Cognition improves, as does intensity of mild to moderate dementia. Physical improvement – muscular strength. Weight loss. Not everyone achieves benefits in this time frame or all the benefits stated.

In severe cases of TBI, improvement may take longer and recovery is slower. But - looking at the options - the data offers hope of improvement since we are addressing the underlying “stealth” condition that is often ignored by conventional wisdom (and medical treatments for Veterans and Service Members).

The medical literature clearly identifies the conditions and symptoms that are associated with hormonal deficiencies, and - if these deficiencies are precipitated by a TBI - then it would make sense that replacement therapy needs to be tested before rejected.

Whats next?



Warrior Angels Foundation will continue to meet as much of the demand in 2020 as we can but WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE!!!

Please reach out to your organizations and let them know there is a solution that the entire community must come together to address. Warrior Angles Foundation is providing a service that every Veteran and First Responder organization needs to make available their population, if we cannot heal the underlying condition then we will continue to see the unbearable statistics…

Please put any programs or organizations interested in bringing this treatment to their community in contact with us: