Treatment over medication

Do to our outreach efforts Warrior Angels Foundation has created 5000 new patient requestS in 2018 alone and needs your help to meet the growing demand!

Have you been paying attention?

The future of health, well being, treatment, and patient care is undergoing a major trasformation right along side the rapid improvements in technology currently taking place. The charge for medical care providers today is to be able to move with the latest research and treatment modalities that are being proven effective. All this in order to improve the health and lives of both the current generation and for generations that follow.

Biomedical science and heath is being redefined and only medical providers looking to elevate themselves, their knowledge, their practice, and the quality of patient care they provide will withstand these macro-healthcare changes. There is a new generation of Doctors, Physicians, and Healthcare providers that are up-skilling themselves and choosing treatment over medication.

In Harvard Medical Schools Future of Medicine Symposium held in October 2018, Rachel Wilson, the Martin Family Professor of Basic Research in the Field of Neurobiology at HMS, states, “The new therapies of today were the prototypes of yesterday. And the prototypes of yesterday were previously just findings in a laboratory, and before that, they were just an idea, Wilson said. “Unless we have new ideas, we're not going to have useful therapies. Great new therapies don't just fall like an apple from a tree.” Simple but true, and something that we can lose sight of over time.

This line of thinking and reasoning is what led to the life’s work of Dr. Mark L. Gordon and subsequently the Millennium Health Centers practice of the clinical application of diagnosis and treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Read the full article here: Harvard Medical School Future of Medicine: Symposium highlights the promise of life sciences innovation

TBI: A clinical Approach to diagnosis and treatment

In the recent Millennium-Warrior Angel Foundation for TBI Intervention White Paper: A paradigm shift in the diagnosis and treatment of symptomatic Traumatic Brain Injury (aka PTS/PTSD). We state the following:

  • Recommendation: “It is the goal of the MWAF to provide a network of facilities around the United States that can emulate and provide the standards of evaluation and treatment that the Millennium has worked on for over 15 years. In regard to our military (veterans and active service personnel), we would like to provide to the DoD/VA the information that we used to develop our program. Ultimately, upon acceptance of the science, a pilot program involving a group of veterans suffering with symptomatic TBI (PTSD/CTE) would be enrolled into the project. Outcome results from this trial population would be used to generate publishable articles to further the acceptance of this paradigm in diagnosis and treatment. 

    Until such time as the pilot program can be initiated, we would offer our data on patient history, laboratory testing, treatment protocols, and outcomes. We believe that the wealth of documented pre- and post-status reports will allow for the pilot program to move forward. Most importantly will be the education of the assigned medical staff to move this and future programs forward.” 

  • Summary: “ The continued loss of American live’s secondary to depression and suicide is not abating. Conventional medical wisdom elects to treat the symptoms of a condition that has a clear biochemical causation with medication that just masks the symptoms. Laboratory testing is available to identify the alterations in the brain’s neurosteroids which can be replenished while providing a non-toxic treatment protocol to drop the inflammatory cytokines initiated by trauma. The Millennium-Warrior Angels Foundation has been providing such assessment and treatment to almost 300 military and over 2000 civilians with an average improvement in life scores of over 60%. It is time now to look closely at the science that has been available for over 30 years and to start the process of fixing the problem and not just masking it.” 

Download the full White Paper: A paradigm shift in the diagnosis and treatment of symptomatic Traumatic Brain Injury (aka PTS/PTSD).

So what do you need me for?

Simply put… we need you trained and certified to provide this treatment to a patient population that continues to grow in demand by the second.

Do to our outreach efforts Warrior Angels Foundation has created 5000 new patient requests in 2018 alone. To meet this demand we have been training Physicians and Medical providers, certifying them to practice in the the clinical application of TBI diagnosis and treatment at CME producing medical training events. You can check out information on our last training here:

We are currently in the process of taking this training and certification process online and on demand, as we bring this world class CME producing education into a Learning Management System capable of meeting you in your home, on your time, and at a reasonable price.

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