Our Founders


Andrew Marr - U.S. Army Special Forces - retired

Andrew Marr is a husband, father, Retired Special Forces Green Beret, entrepreneur, and best-selling co-author of TALES FROM THE BLAST FACTORY: A Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret’s Journey Back from the Brink. His book is being turned into a full feature documentary titled Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain by a two-time EMMY award winning director to include a three-time academy award winner contributing to the production efforts as well. He co-founded Warrior Angels Foundation and the Millennium-Warrior Angel TBI Network.

In his spare time Marr can be found pursuing his MBA at Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School. He lives with his wife Becky the love of his life and their seven children in the Los Angeles area.

adam marr - U.S. Army Apache pilot - former

Adam Marr is a former Army Aviation Officer, AH-64D/E Apache Helicopter Pilot, and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation New Dawn. In 2014 Adam turned down promotion to the rank of Major to co-found Warrior Angels Foundation with his older brother Andrew. Adam is co-author of the best selling book TALES FROM THE BLAST FACTORY.

He is passionate about understanding people individually and as a group and guiding them to a better way of working in order to help others prepare for the future of work. Adam currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Alycia and three children Amelia, Austin, and Aria.

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