Our Vision

Treatment over Medication.


Traumatic Brain Injury is a signature wound of war. Had I not found the treatment protocols of physician Dr. Mark L Gordon, my future would have been bleak and I might have considered ending my life. This sadly, is what the wounds of war do, and have done, for so many service members and veterans. TBI is not only a signature wound of war but is something athletes, laborers and many others live with daily.

Like so many others, the healthcare I received was a series of mind-bending band-aids that failed to treat the underlying condition. Traditional medications only masked symptoms and exacerbated problems. Traditional responses from the medical profession fixed nothing, while my wounds were steadily destroying my family and me. Making our life together unbearable. At my lowest point I told myself I was done with all of it. I’d always subscribed to the principle that if you don’t like something - fix it.

I decided to reject the life sentence of despair the military medical model handed me. A deep dedication to serve something bigger than myself repurposed me, saved my life, and illuminated a path that eventually led me to find answers in the comprehensive approach of the Gordon Protocol created by Dr. Gordon. When this innovative treatment protocol was applied to me, I responded immediately, powerfully and positively. Today, I’m performing better than my pre-injury status.

 My brother Adam Marr (former Army Apache Aviator) and I started the Warrior Angels Foundation (WAF) in January of 2015 to help other U.S. Service Members and Veterans receive the same level of care I received. I’m proud to say that WAF has helped over 300 U.S. Service Members and Veterans receive the same life changing protocol that so benefited me. They too, have rediscovered a quality of life. Today WAF is dedicated to helping anyone living with TBI.


Andrew Marr
Executive Director


Andrew Marr - Dr. Gordon - Adam Marr